• NSPP 2019 closes two days hence
  • Mr. Jumbo sponsors consolation cash prizes for fourth and fifth positions
  • Preparations are in top gear for the awards ceremony at NDU
  • Entrants can now pay for the NSPP anthologies via bank transfer

Students representing 72 tertiary institutions have applied for the fourth edition of the NSPP which closes in two days’ time (Friday 15th March, 2019).

As a gesture of goodwill, Mr. Sandison Jumbo, a mechanical engineer who hails from Bonny in Rivers State, has offered to sponsor consolation cash prizes for fourth and fifth best entrants. This is in addition to the total cash prize of N300,000 to be awarded to the top three entrants.

Meanwhile, the NSPP LOC headed by Mr. Thomas Peretu have intensified efforts towards organizing a remarkable awards ceremony in June. On 27th February, the LOC had a meeting with Professor Donbebe Wankasi, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Niger Delta University (host institution) to bring him up to date on the activities of NSPP and make plans for the forthcoming awards.

Notably, we have reviewed the issues faced by most of the applicants on the portal, prospective entrants should take note of the following:

  • For the best browsing experience on the portal, you are advised to make use of Google Chrome.
  • Ensure the image (passport) you are uploading for identification does not exceed 1MB.
  • You are expected to make use of your debit (ATM) card for the payment of at least one of the three anthologies uploaded on the portal. This would require you entering the 16 digits on your card, card expiry date and the CVV – the 3 digits at the back of your card. Afterwards, an authorization code would be sent to the phone connected to your bank account for you to confirm the payment.
  • You can also now pay directly into PIN’s bank account for the anthologies.

Poets in Nigeria | 0759986028 | Access Bank

Forward your email address and evidence of payment to 07034847164| [email protected]. We will grant you access to the anthologies and submission form afterwards.

The NSPP anthology is a collection of top 100 poems received in previous editions of the contest. It is meant to serve as a guide on poetry writing for prospective entrants whilst promoting new writings of young Nigerian -poets.

 For further enquiries, call or message 07034847164.

Kolade Olanrewaju Freedom

Moderator, NSPP 2019

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