by Balogun Olabode

that day my father called me in
and muttered i’d be really travelling;
his words painted a pale-rural city,
i emptied a reservoir of tears from my eyes.

that sacred night my mother talked to me
hinting how i had sunk in illness, gaunt me!
stunned i was, as when crisis just arrived
no panacea dwelt in my brainy archive.

that noon green govt. made a clarion call
declaring of my wanted service in kaduna
boko haram! echoed from heart’s megaphone
how seeming-rosy life can be full of thorns!

but amidst this ocean of ripples, is this maid
this rare rosy damsel, with great braids
who refreshes my sunset into cool dawn
and makes my morning bloom in fun.

when innocent souls sleep, i am thinking:
not of pale pictures of illness, but kaduna’s musing
her sight alone is a dictionary of romantic words
i read her like a poetic novel of symphonic world!


Balogun Olabode hails from Agege in Lagos State.  As a lover of art, he writes, sings and drafts drawings. He’s an SSS 2 student at Life Academy, Iyesi Ota, in Ogun State. He’s an upcoming novelist and Poet Olajuwon Joseph Olumide, his Literature & English teacher, edits his works.


by Osalam Wosu


Upon your beauty thus I do gaze

Wrapped in each other; a perfect maze

I’m stung by your love; oh yes I am smitten

You woo me with eyes, cute as a kitten’s


There are no worries when my head on your bosom lies

All thoughts of the world and fear in my heart dies

My lips and yours can make perfect magic

But when they do part it’s none short of tragic


The feel of your skin on mine is perfection

On your neck I lay kisses to get all attention

You yearn for me so, you can’t spell rejection

In this we are together, no room for defection


Into your very being I want a glance

The journey puts you into a trance

From gradual strokes to a high tempo prance

Trust me, this ain’t my last dance


I lose my soul in this exercise

I will take what I want; I’ll be precise

You speak a lot by being concise

My body for you will suffice


An angel at Eden’s gate; no way through

Only a peek into paradise I offer you

Euphoria by midnight is long overdue

The inferno within you burns so bright and true


From the ashes you emerge; a smile on your face

This test of pleasure I passed with an ace

To prove my dominion against all others in the race

To give you a peek into Eden; that lovely place


IMG_20170321_211336_409Osalam Wosu was born in 1996 in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. He is currently studying Chemical engineering in the Federal University of Technology, Owerri. His first scrapbook Supernal Mind is forthcoming.

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