Spoken Waves

Spoken Waves showcases contemporary spoken word poets and their philosophical perspectives of the art on the basis of excellence and indelible impact. Biographies and objectives of featured poets will be highlighted for readers to access, and be inspired.

In this maiden edition, two raving poets, Jennifer Dafwat and James Ademuyiwa are brought off the stage to literally perform on the elaborate pages of Spoken Waves.


Gabriella Echebiri, also known as ‘Blueflames’, is a poet, a motivational speaker, a make-up and spoken word artist. Gabriella, a member of “Express It” an art group that promotes poetry and other forms of art, won the maiden edition of the SPOKEN CALL SERIES. She is a lover of children especially orphans and derives inspiration from reading books. She presently studies Mining Engineering at the Federal University of Technology, Akure.

WHY SPOKEN WORD? Spoken word allows me to express my poetic messages in live performances. I have been a motivational speaker for a year now and I observed that people pay more attention when you speak directly to them than recommending a book for them to read.

My love for spoken word poetry took flesh after attending the War of Words in 2013,the passion a contestant unleashed on stage gave me a lasting memory of his piece.

Spoken word brings out the best in me.


My vision as a poet is to be able to communicate with the world through poetry. To build a platform where poetry can be appreciated and taught in schools especially the primary schools because I believe they are the foundation of our future; then, the sky will be our starting point.
As a young lady with aspirations of being a TV presenter, I intend to organize a reality show on poetry where people from all countries in West Africa would be taught poetry, especially spoken word poetry, enhance their writing skill and have a poetry slam. There are reality shows for music, dance even cooking; poetry shouldn’t be left out because poetry is an art that expresses you as a person and the world in general.


JDJannifer Dafwat, born and bred in Jos, is a graduate of English and Literary Studies from the University of Jos in Plateau state, Nigeria. She is a media personality and events’ Compere passionate about poetry and spoken word. She currently resides in Abuja.
Why Spoken word? I usually say spoken word and poetry chose me, and have continued on this path because it is a viable  means of expression marrying three arts I love; poetry, speaking and performance arts.  Via this medium, I can reach almost everyone. For me, I do ask; “why not spoken word?”

What do you intend to achieve with spoken word?

I intend becoming a voice in my generation. I believe in the purity and beauty of art. I also believe art can be used as a tool for achieving desired goals. I long to speak of salient and burning issues close to my heart; close to people’s hearts.


JAJames Ademuyiwa is a poet studying Mass Communication at Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Ogun State, Nigeria specialized in Public Relations and Advertising, and has won few accolades to crown his efforts in the world of poetry viz: Empowered Youth from Africa in Spoken Word, 2014, Pulseng Student Poetry Prize 2014 and 2nd edition winner of ‘WhatcanWordsDo?’.

Popularly known on stage as Jamesconco, James has been featured in various Anthologies, one of which is “Who shall I make my wife?” – Anthology of food related poems. He has performed on various stages ranging from Be Blessed stage, WarOfWords, Eko Poetry Slam, Freedom Spoke Words at Goethe-Institut.

Why Spoken word?For me, Spoken Word is a way of life that gives me the freedom to use simple but deep imageries to convey my thoughts on stage.  Moreover, it gives room for the outpouring of the poet’s mind, which connects to life.

What do you intend to achieve with Spoken word? As a change agent in society, I intend to affect lives positively.

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