Spoken Waves (Issue 2)

EmebirodoEmebiriodo Ugochukwu Peterson a.k.a Hitch, who has performed on many stages across the country, was born in Abule Egba, Lagos, Nigeria. He is from Abia state, the fifth of five children. He’s a student, hustler (art is his hustle) and a poet of pidgin and English expression. He is the founder of the Port Harcourt based performance poetry group Word Phantomz. He loves photography, female bikers and literature.


Why spoken word? Well, poetry generally is my thing; page or stage. I used to be very shy growing up but poetry gave me the opportunity to think out loud on paper, express myself and of course also hide some of what I felt. I’m also an Adventist boy, so church played a vital role in my stage management; weekly memory verses from the church also allowed me to master my lines faster. Basically spoken word/ poetry is my form of expression. It’s also a tool for social change, and I love positive change.


What do you intend to achieve with spoken word? I hope to touch lives, humour, entertain, caution, teach and preach with my works.



KalejayeFolajimi Kalejaye was born in the late 90s. He is a performance poet and a public speaker who hails from Ogun state. He is a student of the University of Ibadan who creatively uses words to do anything and everything.

Why performance poetry?

I choose performance poetry because it’s as entertaining and functional as any other form of art.

What do you intend to achieve with performance poetry?

I intend to hoist the flag of creativity for societal uplift. When poetry is brought from page to stage, it not only paints picture in their minds, it spurs feelings, will, emotions and actions.



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