By Prof. Anezi Okoro

When I am thoroughly bred
I’m cream or dusky red
I split with ease from two to six
And with hot spices mix

I am the king of nuts
And I untie all nuts
Maybe I’m sweet, maybe I’m not
But I’m king kola nut

I’m served in palaces
In rich and poor palaces
And though the guest be a pauper
To serve me is proper

With me, you never toss
I welcome visitors
Whether they hunger or they thirst
I must be broken first

In meetings of all kinds
With wine, I release minds
Proverbs at length from free tongues flow
Keeping the high-minded aglow

In lawful marriages
Contracts in villages
In covenants and sacrifices
I’m the prop of each device

I link the living and the dead
In every mystic thread
And soothsayer and oracles
Need me for miracles



By Prof. Anezi Okoro

As the bell calls kids to school
So the drum calls the village folks
Its muffled dum! dum-dum! dum-dum-dum!
Heard by all
Hearkened to by many
Whether near or far

They converge on the village square
In attire from rags to robes
Ears pricked
Speculations rife,
Hearts agog
To hear the village crier proclaim

In riddles and Proverbs
The message of the dum! dum! dum!
The Chief’s headache
Or the people’s backache
Communal work
Or communal feasting

Public trials
Or public toasting
New taxation
Or tax exemption
Or peace


Professor OkoroProf. Anezi Okoro is a Professor of Medicine and a quintessential writer. He has authored 16 books which include: Village School, Village Headmaster, One Week-One Trouble, Dr. Amadi’s Posting, Hands off Young Doctor, Eclipse Fever, Double Trouble, Pariah Earth etc. He has a collection of poems known as Ringing Verses, apart from his numerous medical journals. He is the first dermatologist in West Africa and the second in Africa. He is married to Dr. Mrs. Esoha Ayodele Anezi Okoro (Nee Ohimese), a retired senior lecturer and consultant obstetrician and gynecologist. They are blessed with four children.







By Izueke Eddy Okolo

They came, scooped off my brain
Swept them down the drain

They filled me with their ideas
I felt theirs was ideal

Went down the Cape
They split me

Like brothers
Still I took them

For my greed
I was stretched beyond

The stress gave my face
Lines of strain

The contours read
Word, word and starvation

Still they show no contrite 
Rather, taint my brothers

The song I hear is anarchy 
Oh Africa!!!

15996243_1743079452686894_1185306447_nIzueke Eddy Okolo is the Director of Enugu state Council of Arts and culture. He is a sculptor and poet. He lives in Enugu.

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