PINNED DREAM | Helen Gyigya

 Last night, I had a dream

I saw PIN, rising like the break of dawn

Its glory flurrying through the skies

And in accelerated velocity

Sprouting forth and breaking grounds


In my dream,

Gathered around the banquet table

Are poets, authors, great and tall

Feasting on words marbled barbeque

With recipes brewing from ‘parker’s’ kitchen

And plunders from the ‘daughter’s farm


In this dream,

With Sir Eriata leading on

Words are spiraled in fractals

Thoughts crystallized in an icy blast

Vibes oozed through a ‘glassy door’

Soaring waves like never before


This pinned dream,

A dream envisaged, with Kola engaged

In a pinning pinging jamboree

Ventured in a word hunting spree

Brewing hot! And fresh!

Like a hot cup of early morning coffee!


FB_IMG_1509918493741Helen Gyigya studied Public Administration at Benue State Polytechnic, Ugbokolo. She lives in Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria.








SERVITUDE |  Nwargbo Ebubechukwu Bruno                                                               
You may grumble, but pray you are not heard

But don’t utter nor reason rebel

For our burden is wealthily weighty

Ten folds your assistance to us

Open the doors to our flights and our mansions

Spread carpets and flowers on the lane we tread

Bow your heads low and close your eyes to our tete-a-tete


You may hear us talking, but don’t think of talking

You may see us drinking, but don’t think of drinking

You may see us eating, but don’t think of eating

Just swallow your saliva and keep watching

Don’t fantasize lest you will stop focusing

And then lose your living


Nothing must happen to our hairs crowned with many powers

A drop of our blood and the earth will drink your blood

Your execution needs no trial. If trial must be,

then we will sit at the bench and swing the scale

Your loved ones will hang their breadth

and accompanying you to sheol

No escape for you your fate is tied to our mood


Before our guests look strong and ready

Look strong even if as dry as leaves

Keep bold faces like lions

Over our tables, beds, doors and gates

And be ready for vendetta to keep us in power


In your dreams if snoozes try to bend your eyelashes, then take this oath

‘Lord, yours forever!

You are our hero born to rule alone

Your sceptre holds our life

Your hairs holds our breathe hovering over them and you can squash them

Your shoes are more significant than our bones

Your drinks our blood may become

Yours alone, perpetually born to rule alone’


Against the axe is the head of a servant

Saying what his heart does not say.


FB_IMG_1510059238525Nwargbo Ebubechukwu Bruno is a young talented poet, essayist, speech writer and an influential public speaker. He studies English language in Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State. Bruno has received so many awards and commendations for both academic and leadership excellence. He has a short story OASIS OF PEACE to his credit, among other unpublished works in drama, poetry and prose. Some of poems has been short listed in some literary competitions and journals including Nigerian Students Poetry Prize 2017, Brigitte Poirson Poetry Contest, and would subsequently appear in their anthologies. He loves music,writing and nature studies.

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