On the Spot with Chinonye (Issue 2)

Can we get to meet you? Who is Chinonye J. Chidolue?


ChinonyeThank you very much for the privilege to be featured on Pin Quarterly Journal.

Chinonye J. Chidolue is a Motivational writer and speaker, a poet, screen writer and a self-development blogger.

She is from Anambra state but born and resides in Lagos state. She is a graduate of Law, from the North American University, Benin Republic.


What background of yours influences your passions and what drive them?


Growing up in a family with deep principles, morals and core values of life have been a strong influencer of my passion and what drives this is growing into these principles and letting it shape me into who I ought to be and not what I wish to be. With this, I’m always exposed to a better version of me.


What is Peregrine? Why Peregrine?


“Peregrine” is a specie of bird from Falcon family. It is not only the fastest bird in creation but also the fastest animal on the planet.

I adopted the name peregrine because of its unique features which is its capacity to soar into great height, it’s freedom to wander from clime to clime untethered, it’s dexterity, amongst its other features which drew me to this wonderful creature that overtime became a significant symbol for me and a reminder that “Impossibilities are nothing”. Every day, since the adoption of the peregrine name, I develop myself daily into these features, especially in my wander and lust for knowledge.


You are the initiator of the ChildHero Project. What is it all about?


Child Hero ProjectThe #ChildHero Project is a child awareness campaign aimed at reaching out to the less privileged children in the society, to give them equal privileges that every child deserves to have. The project is only at its first edition, and with this, our aim is to tap into the lives of these children, tell their stories and celebrate them in a way that brings them back to the circle and puts a lasting smile on their faces. I appeal to everyone to kindly support however they can towards this cause as even with a little, we can light up a smile on a child’s face.



You are a Screen Writer. Why Screen writing? What plans for the future?


Yes, I am a screen writer. I found myself on the path of screenwriting since my love for creating ideas, building them into characters and watching these characters come alive on the television screen. Imaginations are too powerful that they can’t just remain in our heads. If they don’t end up on plain sheets, they will on the screens. The future is promising for me as a screenwriter, having executed some cool screen writing jobs, and some personal screenwriting projects still in progress –as the #Childhero winner’s story which I’m currently screenwriting. I’m looking forward to building powerful stories which will touch on lives.


What would you consider as your biggest achievement so far in the things you do?


My biggest achievement so far is being able to positively affect lives with what I do. That’s the purpose, and everyday gives me an even better opportunity to achieve more from this purpose.


No doubt, you are an inspiration, energizer and role model. What would you want to tell the younger ones in this regard?


To be so religious with their dreams that every day, they owe themselves a duty to fan the flames of these dreams with every little stride because dreams surely do come true!


Words are powerful tools of inspiration and otherwise. Could you tell us which words keep inspiring your life styles till date?


Words are powerful but not all words are powerful tools of inspiration. Highly motivational words have helped shape my thoughts and actions. The ones that say to me that I can be all that I want to be, the ones that speak to my soul, deeply connects me to my purpose and encourages my principles, those words I live by daily.


Poets in Nigeria is committed to connecting poets across the country and beyond. What is your impression about the organization? Would you want to support its activities? How?


I believe strongly in the goals of Poets in Nigeria. The span of poetry in Nigeria is actually endless and with the concept of PIN bringing together great works of Nigerian Poets under its umbrella body, both locally and internationally, there would undeniably be an explosive growth, promotion and appreciation of Nigerian poetry, culture and values.

As a deeply rooted Nigerian, it is an obligation to promote and support whatever is done for the purpose of expanding our culture and values. For this, I am driven to support the Poets in Nigeria body by contributing my voice with my own poetry and promoting its growth by encouraging especially younger poets to join the PIN community.




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