MEK WOTA GET AI | Anzaku Emmanuel

Imagine as di night dey vex
E dey vex wit pipo dem
Wey dey carry mattrass on top
Their head, forget say dem get pikin.

Di night sabi vex sha
See as e karry wota
kom enta pipo dem room
Di wota full so tey

E kom dey troway
From pikin belle.
Chei, mi no dey laik am
Wen night decide vex laik this.


But wait, sey na di night
Cause am? Sey na di night
Block ol di drainage dem?
Sey, if di wota see road pass

E go pass jeje
But why e bi say na night
Wota no dey see road pass.
Why e bi say na when pikin dem

Don bigin dream dream
Wey dem go use for future,
Wey wota go miss road?
Dis awa contri sha.

Sey bi wi no fit pray
Mek wota get ai?
Since na awa pikin dem
E dey kil.

Mi won make wota get ai
Laik awa politicians dem.
Mek e eye dey shine well well,
Mi want make  e get eye,

Di way wey drunkard
Dey see road reach house.
Abeg, mek wota get ai
Mek wi contri beta.

FB_IMG_1509923263843Anzaku Emmanuel na graduate of Economiks from Federal University Lafia, Nasarawa state. E dey live for Abuja-dem.





NA HOW HE HARD REACH | Animashaun Daniel

Wi try to form friendship
But dem say we too dey talk,
Na mek wi just lock up
Dem kom yarn say we nor sabi gbedu,
Wi kom try to dey d middle
Dem kom talk sey wi bi fake.
We kom look everywhere to see wetin we fit do
Na dere we kom find di solushan wey go last wewe.

Nor be say e elp us please pipo wewe o,
Wetin e do na to make pipo dey vex
Sometimes ehn, the solushan to any wahala
Na to remove the wahala komot.

Now ehn, we fit live beta life
Or wetin go bi the use
Wen you dey liv your life
For anoda pesin?

If to dey make pipo bodi sweet dem na exam
Pipo go dey fail like 98 times out of 100
The remainin 2 times go bi
Pipo wey don kpeme
Bikaus dem dey try please di world.
Dem win pipo heart o
But dem kpeme tru di process.

I don reach di konklushan say
Di onli pipo wey u suppose try satisfy
Na those wey get special kona for your heart
No bi general public o
Wey go dey force you to live the laif
Wey nor be your own.

IMG_20170210_113111Animashaun Daniel na writer wey dey study for the University of Ibadan. He bin dey try to helep pipu through wetin hin dey write.








Dis na for Mama

I know no deity laik her

I no fit compare her love with any other

Di love wey she get always dey appear

Even wen wi no merit

She get our backs like: ‘I garrit’


Na our prayer sey make she live long

She suffer, but she tag along

‘I no go leave my pikins comot’

She go talk when papa fight turn hot

Ha! That woman suffer

That’s why I no go ever forget her


Even with belle, she do business

Fry akara, sell okpa, with tiredness

Nine moons later, she born man

Baba God, no let mi forget dis woman

If I do, strike mi wit hot manna

Dis, na for Mama.


20161118_113257Okori John Onah na writer wey get focus for family, gender, love and everyday struggle; a shortlistee for NHCP short story competition; and a blogger @


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