TEACH ME | Mar’yam Thaoban

Teach Me

How to love and live life

Like it is meant to be lived.

Teach me how to call your name

In a way that reaches the depth of your heart.


Please teach me

How to hold you tight

Without crushing the tenderness

Of your touch

Or squeezing the silkiness of your feel


Pray teach me how

To sing, to pray, to dance

And to beat the drums

In joyous language

Only you understand.


Dear, teach me how

To make me feel like

Every woman deserves to feel

Without fleeing from

Hand to hand or Land to seas.


I beg you to teach me

How to hold that pen

And scribble those words

That tear at man’s heart

In sweet misery and honest treachery.


Teach me how

To speak to

The hearts of man

In manners that

Would leave man wanting.


Please teach me

To let go of those memories

Warm Moments

And timeless times

Before I forsake my sanity.


20170802_114248Mar’yam Thaoban is an award-winning poet and a passionate writer. She’s also a dedicated member of PIN Yaba Connect Center and a member of the Parliament of Poets, Unilag. She’s presently a student in the Faculty of Law, University of Lagos.

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