Food Poetry

To Garri by Adejumo Uthman Ajibola


don’t be sad, Garri

do not belittle your worth

because everyone affords you

like a street prostitute


you are the poor man’s diamond

an asthma patient’s inhaler

the rich man’s wealth

snoring in foreign accounts.


When hunger creeps in

like night,


in rags or robes

takes teaspoons of you

like medical doses.
Adejumo Uthman AjibolaAdejumo Uthman Ajibola

Adejumo Uthman Ajibola is a 300 level student of the Department of English, University of Ibadan. He writes poetry and believes in the correcting power of poetry. He is a lover of art works and paintings. At leisure, he moulds.






Agege Bread by Bada Yusuf Amoo


The adventure started

With the foaming of flour

In rectangular-shaped tins

Set in red-clayed baking ovens

Fired beneath by hellish fire


Agege bread, your sides are brown

Strong like muscles of Mike Tyson

And you readily await as food of the masses

Uniting our strength for life’s struggles

Along the lane of laughter and perseverance

Where the sun rises as if it will never set.


By 11am at Mama Kafaya’s canteen

Where we gather to sing love songs,

Talk politics and sports

Side by side unemployed graduates,

Retired civil servants, old soldiers

And the illiterates

You, politics and sports bind us.


With 20 Naira beans and 30 Naira water

We have enough to soak your strength

Not to choke out throats during arguments

You are dependable like the man

Who caters for his family.


Bada Yusuf AmooBada Yusuf Amoo

Born in Agege, Lagos-Nigeria, in the late 80s, Bada Yusuf Amoo had his primary and secondary education in Agege. He holds a National Diploma in Mass Communication from Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta, Ogun State where he edited an E-anthology titled African Eyeball. His poems are available on different publications both in print and electronics.


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