LET’S GO BARE | Wakchin Nengak

Let’s go bare

And snap our lips

To dust off themselves


While we fold ourselves

Into a sensual bunch;

As our palms creep gently

To garner

Our ripen troves tonight.

Let me sense

Your strands of hair,

To perceive the alluring smell.

So, clutch that phallic pole

And nurse it for me.


Like you do when I suck milk

From those soft-twin mounts;

For it is bulging,

To explore the depths

Of that furry zone.

Wakchin NengakWakchin Nengak  Godwin is a writer and poet from Plateau State. Some of his poems have appeared in FLUCTUS QUINTUS (fifth wave); an e-anthology and other online platforms.





ZIM | Umeh Martins Somadina

“Orrr! Arrrrh!! nmmmm!!!”

Inflate me DICKson

That my Lulu be

Joyed at the pleasure

Of your huge host

Ride in fast – arhhh!!


Forget your route out.

Flow in me Dickson then


Shiver and splat – arhhh!!

At the sight of your route

Out of my honey pot, but pleeaasse –

Crawl back to the hidden lips


Between my thighs,

And wait for the cummings of my rain

From two ridges with a ditch between,

Lost in a terrestrial land holed up by

Slimmy strings that cut across two

Mountains waving at the atmosphere she passes.


Orrhh arhhhh nmmm!!!!


Don’t stop DICKson

Drown me d-e-e-p – arrhhhhhhh!!!!.

  • Zim: the short form of an Igbo name – Zimuzo (show me the way)

Umeh MartinsUmeh Martins Somadina, a budding poet and writer, hails from Osina in Ideato North Local Government Area in Imo State Nigeria. He is a student of the Department of English and Literature from the University Of Benin, Benin City.


PILGRIM | Anzaku Emmanuel

I lie before you
Oh goddess of vibrant screams.
I have traveled across
Your smooth slender legs,
To arrive at the gate of your temple.
I lay all my worries bare,
I offer your prayers of kisses
From my heart through my lips.
I desire to taste your clitoral pearl
And feed from your labia plates.
I wish to eat and be cleansed.
Shower on me oh goddess
Of honey brown eyes,
From your fortress
The celestial waters of purification.
I lie before you a pilgrim,
Wanting to worship.
With strong arms and
A wobbling tongue.
I just want to worship you
Oh goddess of intergalactic satisfaction.

FB_IMG_1509923263843Anzaku Emmanuel, who hails from Nasarawa State, is a graduate of Economics from Federal University Lafia, Nasarawa state. He is currently engaged in a 365-day Poetry Challenge. He lives in Abuja.





MAP | Ekpeki Oghenechovwe Donald

You’re my roadway to happiness

You guide me to fulfillment

Over your mounts

Twain mounts

Mounted on your chest

Down slopes

I trace a way

To the trailing umbilical path

The navel of your soul

And glossy brown of your landscape

In me this road strikes

A deep chord

Then to

The winding path of your thighs

Through the forest ways

And a vernal valley

I plunge

Into your fertile streams

For a drink

From whence I came

I am going

Home with you

So long as you come


DonaldEkpeki Oghenechovwe Donald is a University of Lagos, law student by day, poet and storyteller by night. His flash fiction ‘Waking Dream’ was published on Dwart Online and he was longlisted for the Etisalat Flash Fiction Prize 2016. He was also longlisted for the Nigerian Students Poetry Prize 2017 and has been published in a short story collection titled ‘Broken Chimes’. His poems also made the top ten of the Next gen speaks global anthology. His short story Mercy of the Wild has been published by The African Writer. His poem Grafted was also published by NAPTIP in an anthology of poems on human trafficking and child abuse. Ekpeki Chovwe Donald, styled the PenPrince, is also a member of the African Speculative Fiction Society.



PREDATOR | Jide Badmus

You smell like sin

I am the devourer

I prey on luscious bodies


I rip veils of resistance

and reap the innocence of nakedness

I make trembling orifices drip


You taste like sumptuous sin

I will prey on you

and pray for forgiveness…

Jide BadmusJide Badmus was born and bred in Ilorin. He hails from Omido, Kwara State, Nigeria. He is a practicing Electrical Engineer.

His debut book, a collection of poems titled: THERE IS A STORM IN MY HEAD was published in February 2017 by Words Rhymes and Rhythm Ltd (WRR). The book is available on Amazon, Kindle and Okadabooks.

Jide is married to a beautiful wife, Linda and has an adorable daughter, Nora. He is a Christian and a soccer lover. He lives and writes from Lagos.



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