by Jonathan Otamere Endurance


It should be a sermon of touches

That begins from the filament

Wrapping her dresses and underneath

Into an army of shields.

Let her throat be the groans of a bird stuck

In between sweet nectars

Like the way Sister Marian

Twists herself into a squirt of millipede

On his heaven and above.


This is how to end:

Father Dawson said every sermon

Ends with a kiss of blessing;

Bless her body into a sturdy storm

Of orgasm, and electrocution.

Let her thighs be a metaphor

For runny rivulets and wet mountains.

Do as father does:

Weave yourself into a ribbon of her dress—

Burrow through again,

Start from the nipple of burning desire

No, not that way,

Do as father does again:

Just be a bird dying on her bushy root, stem, and all.

IMG_20170409_123301_755Jonathan Otamere Endurance
is a young poet who loves expressing his feelings through writing. He is an avid reader of simple but effective writings. He is a student of English Language and Literature at the University of Benin, Benin City. He lives and writes from Ikpoba-Okha L.G.A. in Benin City.




by Nureni Ibrahim

 this night shall take us on a long journey:

of moans and sweats, in my little room.

and the night shall bring me your body,

hunting for the paddle between my legs.


let me turn-off the light so that I may see

you in the warmth of my hallowed-bed.

but, can your ocean quench my thirst?

for my long paddle can make it waterless.


shall my finger swift gently on your stomach;

searching this night where shivering ceases?

or my lips roam and roll around your neck?

or my heart run a race inside your cherries?


i shall ignite all warmth with rhythm this night

and our bodies shall compose a natural music.

i shall drink from your fruit-juice in loneliness

and anoint your pore each from bottom to top.


my thigh is a delicacy of honey & sugars,

come and suck it with your ecstatic tongue.

suck all the sugars, honey and hehssh! Wait!

let me glide the white-ink inside your soft-boat.

AdobePhotoshopExpress_c61c3633eb4f494ca5c95477048d976aNureni Ibrahim is a young writer based in Lagos, Nigeria. He was among the joint winners of the 2016 Festival Poetry Calabar Prize.


by Agbaakin O. Jeremiah


let me take you to a place

where gods don’t feel naked


i’ll peel away your skin

in fire of smouldering lust


my phallus shall be painter’s brush

as I lay it onto the red canvas

stretched inside your red tunnel,

sealed like a sacred scroll


for I must draw

a graffiti of our dirty lust

and exchange bodies

in a vacuum of leftover oxides

of carbon from gaping mouths


your lungs will long for air

as we loosen our thirst;

and my trouser snake strikes

your trove

with its fangless maw.


Screenshot_2016-09-21-17-07-59Agbaakin O. Jeremiah, a Nigerian poet and a campus editor, studies law in the University of Ibadan.

A six-time finalist of 2016 Brigitte Poirson Poetry Contest and winner of Ogidigbo Poetry Contest, Agbaakin was on the shortlist of the 2017 Korea-Nigeria Poetry Prize and Dwarts Poetry Prize.

His works are featured/forthcoming on Poetry Pacific, Silver Pen, Antarctica Journal, Tuck Magazine, Irawo Anthology, The Niyi Osundare @70 Anthology, Prachya Review, Sentinel Literary Quarterly, BPPC Anthology, Kalahari Review, The Wagon Magazine, Praxis Magazine, African Writer, Sub Saharan Magazine, Wildsound Review, Authorpedia, Pulse Nigeria and elsewhere.



by Samuel Nwokpoku Chukwudi

entangled in cupid’s symphonic beats,

i am willing to spend

the rest of my life

in the paradise in between your thighs—

a heaven for a sinner…


kiss me, omalicha




then with your soft fingers,

rouse my whole being…


omalicha, launch yourself on me—

fondle me gently, gently…then roughly.

pulsate my heart’s pulse

and make me whine

like a castrated bull.


again and again, take me

to the altar of your being

and drain the cells in me

until i echo the amen

of your hallelujahs…

photo (1)Samuel Nwokpoku Chukwudi, a poet, short story writer and song writer, hails from Ikwo in Ebonyi State, Nigeria. He has performed some of his poems in some institutions and literary gatherings in Nigeria. He has a certificate in Education in English and Igbo Languages from Ebonyi State College of Education, Ikwo. He teaches English Language.




by Bakare Ibrahim Toyin

That moment…

Night sought solace

From the eloquence of darkness

I felt the steps of her fingers

Revolving round my dick

I held not my breath…

(Panting heavily…)

I grew aggressive and advanced towards her

So soft and tender her juicy nipples

Not satisfied,

I grabbed her windy buttocks

Push up and down…

Bit her ears; licked her zone…


Paddled gently into the wide-narrow garden

Between her laps

That moment…

Upon the eloquence of darkness


BakareBakare Ibrahim Toyin was born in Ilorin, Kwara State Nigeria. He is undergraduate student of Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University where he is studying English.

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