before i sleep tonight

by Samuel Nwokpoku Chukwudi


before i sleep tonight,

come with me, fair-skinned mulatto,

lend me your ears –

let me whisper sweet-nothings into them,

put a smile on your beautiful face

and seal your lips with passionate kisses…


before i sleep tonight,

i want to take you to my bed,

slip you bare,

let my fingers embark

on a long joyous journey

fondling your torso sybaritically

as i survey your lush nakedness.


before i sleep tonight,

i want to drape my hand

round your succulent apples –

petting them with soft sucks

while your sweet moans pulsate the air…


before i sleep tonight,

envelop me with your love,

arrest me with your heart…

do me a favour, sweet mulatto,

let me empty my loaded barrel

into the circumference of your being

as you electrify my senses

while i swim and squelch your still waters

with sweet-tiring thrusts…


before i sleep tonight,

come, sweet mulatto,

let me feel your muscovado beauty.


photo (1)Samuel Nwokpoku Chukwudi, a poet, short story writer and song writer, hails from Ikwo in Ebonyi State, Nigeria. He has performed some of his poems in some institutions and literary gatherings in Nigeria. He has a certificate in Education in English and Igbo Languages from Ebonyi State College of Education, Ikwo. He teaches English Language.








By Njoku Calista


Someday, I’ll write a poem for you

And tell the world

How you caught my fancy

And how I attempted

To trace your contours

From the tip of your nose

To the curves of your hips


  (Deep breath)


Someday, I’ll describe how your nipples

Tickle my fancy and leave me

Aching for more

I’ll narrate how

I’ve stood on tiptoes

To catch a glimpse of the fast-disappearing

Oscillating motions of your waist

How I have imagined

Placing my hands on your bare

To cup your fat fleshy rounded buttocks

While I moan in a scent ingrained in insanity


Need I tell you

How I have thought to compose music

Playing with strands covering your female


Yes I do solemnly fantasize

My bulging male attempting prison breaks

How I’ll thrust in and out of you

Taking you beyond the cloud

And whisper sweet nothings to you

Cupping your earlobes in my mouth

Making your skin tingle with my tongue in your ears


And at our return

Dislodge you

And pick up my next victim.


Njoku CalistaNjoku Calista, who is in her early twenties, hails from Enugu State. She is an undergraduate of English Language at the Federal University, Lafia. As a poet, a blogger and a spoken word artist, she is passionate about women and children and highly conscious of her environment. She loves reading, writing, listening to music and travelling.








By Alozor Michael Ikechukwu

I want to…

…Take your warmth
As it comes, direct
Searing my walls
To my cores…
Sip your fire
As it burns, natural…
Brace the rush
When you cum
Firing, direct…

…Feel your wetness
At my dam’s gate
Wrecked by your release
Riding waves with you
To the shore of ecstasy
To cool off in the thereafter…

…It’s cold in here
Lose the coat
Hit home…direct!

IMG_20170104_113015Alozor Michael Ikechukwu, a Nigerian Poet and Navy Rating, is the author of Echoes and Shadows.

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