By Chukwudera Michael Chiedoziem

last night,
desire was a fire
ignited on the
wicks of passion
as we fondled in
and cuddled to the
coldness of the
night, our tongues
met and became
a medium through
which the fire spread
to our chests and
activated our hands and
our legs….

my pendulum unswung,
it rose into stiffness
and your petals brimmed
with juicy and succulent

our fingers
embarked on an
adventure, unbuttoning
buttons and
unfastening hooks
and you pressed
your softness against
my leather skin as my
fingers ran over the
landscape of your
curved cedars and
traced the route of
your nape down
to the whorls
of the rose in your
lowly garden

you pushed my
mental boundary
beyond the limits
when you vulcanised
me, a favour I returned
when i got down to
tongue-ly unfurl the
whorls of your rose
into the corolla
while your soft moans
beautified the air

then we took turns
in reaching for the
heaven in climax
and the cycle started
afresh from where
the dots met, and
again, over again
till satisfaction took
a deep breath.
img-20160822-wa0021Chukwudera Michael Chiedoziem was born in Benin City and is a final year student of Botany at Nnamdi Azikiwe University. He loves books, music, football and beautiful things










By Agbaakin O. Jeremiah



I’ll ride my Muse

hard like a horse.

Make her climax

with ink squirting

from her cylinder thigh

her mouth screaming metaphors

as onomatopoiea tinkles

like a metal bell

banged by steel balls of pun.



I must bed this pen,

she, who have I come unto with words.

Theotokos, do not curse me

with low word-count!

let my syllables be motile and swift

for heaven is nowhere but here,

here where wits weld words

into a world of lords.


And I shan’t pretend the night

doesn’t frown at our deed

but these words shall torch

through the blanket of her silence.

Freyja, let our sons hare across

the tattered tarmacs of the past-

christened History

to mate the future on paper

before the nights

abort our orgasm of sarcasm

On Abacha’s prison floors!

Osun o! Do not let her be frigid

As I sow satires

like seeds into the sallow soil of Harare

there where an old Lord

murders mothers of words.


Agbaakin OluwatoyosiAgbaakin O. Jeremiah, a Nigerian campus journalist and poet, studies Law in the University of Ibadan. He has been awarded in few contests: A finalist in 2014 Christopher Okigbo Poetry Contest, PIN Poetry Challenge, and a five-time finalist of Brigitte Poirson Poetry Contest in 2016. He is published or forthcoming on Sentinel Literary Quarterly, BPPC Anthology, The Kalahari Review, Sub-Saharan Magazine, African Writer, NCL, Elsieisy, W. R. R, Kreative Diadem, etc. He also writes prose.







By Benjamin Terhile Torlafia


Now that you are dipped in dew

Let my head be baptized

In the anointing of your welcomeness

As I kneel in supplication

In the valley of your rose

My hands on your mounds

Travelling through time

Back and forth in mad frenzy

In the galactic experience of time travel

Invulnerable to fate and fatality

Injuries and insults

Caressing your curves

In trance-like adoration

Savouring fruits of your kisses

I’ll come again and again

A humble pilgrim

Basking in our holy union


benjaminBenjamin Terhile Torlafia writes under the pseudonym “Bentex III” and is a fine artist & published writer/poet. He is a Nigerian, 30 years old and from Imon, Obi L.G.A of Nasarawa state. He likes travelling, meeting new and interesting people as well as drinking from fountains of new cultures. He went to St. John Bosco Secondary School, Doma in Nasarawa State and holds a Law Degree from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. He is an active member and Secretary-General of ssociation of Nigerian Authors (ANA), Nasarawa State Chapter and was Chairman, Creative Writers’ Club, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

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