LET ME BE YOUR BEST FRIEND TONIGHT by Alozor Michael Ikechukwu

Let me be your best friend
Fill the space between your arms
Whisper sweet nothing into your ears
Read your heart through your eyes
Fill your nostrils with my breath
Warming you,

Let me be your best friend
Melt into the warmth of your loveliness
Trace your lips with my tongue
Swirl in the whirlwind of your emotions
Steal your lips and your tongue
Stirring you,

Let me be your best friend
Ride with you on passion’s wing
As we melt into us as one
Catch you as you fall from ecstasy
When all you need are strong arms
To steady you,


AlozorAlozor Michael Ikechukwu is a Nigerian Navy rating in his early thirties who hails from Umumbo in Ayamelum LGA, Anambra state.








So I lay, heart beating faster

Impulse rising, thigh to thigh

Like the rush of the winds, darkness drew nigh

Revealing his sturdy physique from two worlds apart

Underneath the silver skies, the moon charred

Igniting the forces of the sky, suddenly it dripped!

Trickling down our skins, so hard, our sinful tongues pleaded

Rebuilding the towers of Babel, our mouths confessed

To sin we’d once again returned, obeying our chockfull hunger

“Make haste slowly”! He squirmed, spanking my bottom harder

The beast he was! The wolf in sheep’s furs

His claws grew long, like a savage, he broke down my walls

He was my Samson, and I, his Delilah

In total submission of our sinful desires

Seductress! He whispered, licking the salt that dripped off my skin;

Savouring my inner, smouldering the petals of my flowers

I cried! Captured in his strong arms, he feasted on my clits

Threading on my bridges, he plunged a little harder!

Sucking and gulping, filling my bag with so much air

I gasped for breathe! With nothing left to fight for

He found his place in me, a place with no detour

Slowly, my bowels expanded

Closing up with the sting of his sac

Please take me home, I pleaded!

With gentle strokes on my shaft,

Uphill and down our sloppy earth we trotted

Harder, faster, almost there…….

The fountain of beautiful disaster

Raging war against our mortal forces

Squash me up! Eat me! I’ll be your vice

Like the sound of a wounded wolf,

Squirming in sweet pain and carnal “awooooof”

He took me to the heavens and bounced me back to earth.

Side by side we lay, recording our every breathe–

Through the erogenous midnight silence.


ChinonyeChinonye J. Chidolue is a motivational writer/ speaker, poet, screen writer, actor and a budding filmmaker. She is the founder of Peregrine Reads (, a literary platform and the Executive Director of Child Hero Empowerment Campaign (CHEC). She lives in Lagos, Nigeria.








Red Roses by Abeiku O’


After the weary day

Had vanished into darkness,

Into a long night of silence,

She glanced at the Moon

As if to set her tongue on fire

And from the corner of the room

She asked, “what would you offer?”

I said, “My heart bent to sweet words

Harnessed in amorous cadence

And a garland of red roses.”

So she let a smile part her lips

And every other thing gave in to whispers

Till morning escaped from its burrow.



Tolulope OkeAbeiku O’ who lives and writes from Nigeria has a penchant for sublimity in creativity. ‎He is currently a postgraduate student of English at the University of Ibadan, Ibadan.

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