Erotic Zone (Issue 3)

Erotic Zone (Issue 3)

DRIVE ME CRAZY by Alozor Michael Ikechukwu

Ram me with your sledge
And take me to the edge
Slam me like a loose boulder
Let your breath kiss my shoulder
Plough me as a virgin land
Let me swallow your magic wand!

Drive me pleasurably to groans
Fill my ears with your moans
Take me to heaven and back
My fingers, deeper into your back
Drive me crazy non-stop
My legs, holding you in a trap!

Take me to breathlessness street
As one becomes our heartbeat
Let us synchronize our every move
And put our inhibitions in fitting shelves
Dig deeper, prod faster
Let me fall freely into pleasure’s crater!

578112_10153637873634794_6205292961385596762_nAlozor Michael Ikechukwu is a Nigerian Navy rating in his early thirties who hails from Umumbo in Ayamelum LGA, Anambra state.






LUSTFUL  APPETITES by Albert Seraphin

What have you done to me?

Your presence hypnotizes me

Like a fly crazy

Over palm wine


The look in your eyes

And the touch of your fingers

Strip me off my senses

Sending a lusting massage

Down my spines


Let’s remove the blanket

That covers the nakedness

Of our lustful appetites

Let’s plunge into an all night affair

Under the rays of this blue seductive light


Let us cling to the fabrics of our aroused hearts

Waxing records of ecstatic moans

And drown in the pool of our wishful thoughts

Lubricating emotions all night long


DSC_0067 gfAlbert Oladipupo Nwachukwu Seraphin is a writer, poet, painter, actor and author of  “THE CLARION CALL: My NYSC Diary & Other Poems.”



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