Erotic Zone (Issue 2)

HONEY by Chinonye  J. Chidolue


Honey was the brown flames from your eyes

That ignited a burning desire inside of me

Stripping me off my garment of lies

To set the tortuous truth in me free…


Honey was the elasticity of my heart’s confusion,

When my belly craved your deep intrusion

When all my trust was placed in your thrust

Thoughts that fanned the flames of my “lustful” lust


Honey was nature, when you naturally beckoned

Affirming my yearning in your bearings

When you slowly mounted your lips on mine

Savouring my honeyed-tongue in rife


Honey was medicine, when my breast was your headrest

Making my nipples stand in stationary arrest

When your hands navigated my entire

In search of my orgasmic empire


Honey was the sweet taste of my painful strain

When your fingers danced in my rain

Smouldering my slippery terrain

Making my waves safe for the sail


Honey was pure, when your thirsty-tongue lapped

Up and down my honey-jar…

Gulping and sucking desperately

I found myself chanting “save me”


Honey was magical, when you ate me in little bits

Blowing wet whispers of painful sweetness

Like an electro-magnetic energy

My body bounced in higher frequencies


Honey was the firmness of your libido,

Fast-moving your body in limitless control

And as you brushed through my honey-spot

With every ride, I pleaded for deeper thrust


Honey was life, when our temperatures rose

From spanking and squirming and exciting howls,

When we finally escaped from delirium

To the highest degree of fatal equilibrium


“Horny” is me, in my mind’s recess

Back to this state of mindlessness

For my thoughts remain slave to retrospect,

–When my honey shall again quench your thirst.



12476067_10153366448179211_1104515761_nChinonye J. Chidolue is a Motivational writer & speaker, poet, screen writer, & self-development blogger.

She is inspired by life, people, dreams and ambitions which help to build her thoughts into motivational tools of self-development. She is the initiator of the Child Hero Project, and blogs at







Little Dove! Unburden Yourself

by Ayeyemi T.K. Aswagaawy


My little lovely dove!

I want you.

I want to have you.

I want to see what’s beneath your gown.

Little dove! You’re overdressed.

Please! Unburden yourself.


Loose the belt,

Let the G-string rattle,

Open the path way,

Let me enter your water melon.


I go on, you moan,

I go off, you growl,

I go on and off, you sigh;

The weeds shriek,

The muscles gasp –

Rubbing one another,

The liquids shriek.


Let’s enjoy the pampers

Of their passages.

Let us screech

To their itch

And dance to their music.


Little dove!

Let’s play on and off the love;

You’ll be warm,

Your eyes will be blue,

Your lips will be red,

Your mind  free and soft,

We will sweat out our fatigue and stress

To have a soothing relief.


Let my fingers access

Your watermelon,

Let me bury them there

And again and again

On and off!

Let me give you access

To my cucumber,

Though unchew-able,

But sweaty and leak-able,

Milky and suck-able;

I’ll give it you, my little dove,

If you unburden yourself.


AswagaawyAyeyemi Taofeek  Kehinde
, also known as Aswagaawy, is a Nigerian writer whose essays and poems have been published on Omojuwa, Best Poetry Encyclopedia and other literary journals.









Open the Door

By Abdulbasit Abubakar Adamu


‘ S W E E T H E A R T’

This was all you could manage to say

As my hands traced through the lines of your body

To solve challenging quadratic equations

Your soft moan turns on the ringtones of my heart.


You make me want to write down

The words I feel about you

With my PEN

In the blank space between your legs.


I love this soft, round and firm twins

Lying seductively on your chest

They possess great magnetic forces

Pulling me in towards them.


I stare at your perfectly curved lips

Thinking of how to devour them

Like a little boy with a lollipop

Here I am at the door

Thinking of all I can do to you

All I want is for you to let me in.



AbdulbasitAbdulbasit Abubakar Adamu Toto hails from Nassarawa State in Nigeria. He’s a young upcoming writer, Novelist, blogger, Poet and also a freelance Journalist. While growing up, writing was part of his life, what gave him pleasure and love. Abdulbasit is currently studying mass communication in AHMADU BELLO UNIVERSITY, ZARIA.


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  1. It’s a pleasure featuring hereon. Kudos to the PIN for the great job. It’s being in the middle of these icons. I love you both with your poetries.

  2. Wow. Honey and horny. What a seductive homophones. This is indeed an erotic poem that will keep a soul horny. Miss Chinonye nice poem. Rated 18+.. Long live PIN.. Nice job kolade.. Nice piece Miss Chinonye. You always inspire me with your prowess. The other two poems are nice. Thumbs up brothermen

  3. Mehn Chinonye did it for me with her strong lyrical content. I enjoyed every bit of it, like food to my soul and a strong expression of ones ability to relive great memories

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