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erotic zone

EROTIC ZONE by Princess Adetola Adeshola Atiba

Erotic zone will erotically explore the beauty of life using poetic tools, sexually fusing fact and fiction for a conscious awakening of the sexual parts of life. In the world of erotic poetry, everything is sexual even the most mundane. Do relax and enjoy as we look forward to receiving your comments. This ZONE will SPICE your WORLD!

Princess Adetola Adeshola Atiba is a multilingual poet who speaks and writes in Yoruba (Nigeria), Togolese and English Language respectively. Her penchant for erotic poems is to give fillip to a widely unexplored area as a boost to poetry from an all-round perspective. A graduate of English Language & Literary Studies (University of Abuja), she holds a Masters in Public Administration (ObafemiAwolowo University), Certificate in Effective Teaching of the English Language (University of Plymouth United Kingdom). She is an ISO Certified IMS Lead Auditor/Internal Auditor and a certified Trainer /Facilitator. Her love for pets knows no bound and currently keeps four dogs (Rottweiler) in her home.


Escapade by Princess AAA


Quite new a thing…

Better Muscles, More nerves.

I like the heat coming with the sweat.

I like your body and what it does,

Quite bold in its hows.

I like to feel its spine and bones

Its trembling smoothness firm

Again and again, I will kiss.

I like the kissing of your this and that,

Quite slowly, I stroke….

Your turgidity rock, I feel

Shake and fuzz your electric fur

Of paths and flesh….

Beautiful lips of pink and red,

Dripping and leaking

Yet licking every drop.

And possibly

Most possibly

The thrills of my under,

So quite new!



The Come of Life by Ngozi


Lay her down, Legs up in the air

Cunt smiling at you, As you free your man

Look in her eyes, You’ll see her need

Feel her tits; its taunt with want

So, Pull her close, Enter her sweetness

In her wetness, thrust

As she clutches the sheets with desire…


Eyes closed, Lips parted, Butt arched

She’ll give you all, And you?

Will take her on…


Spread it out now dear, Lean on her love…

Let her feel your breath

And hear


Spread it out now, dear

Lean on her love…

Let her feel your breath

And hear you moan in her ears

Hands locked and stretched

legs tight on your butt

Chest pressing on her tender tits

Sweet pleasures as you grind!


Turn her around, Let her sit on you darling…

Play with her tits, As she takes the ride

Up and down, In and out

Till her juice is cum, To wet you Real

You’ll moan, You’ll cry, You’ll call her name

As you come with, The spill, To fill her up!




You laid the bait, Why make me wait

I know the game, Just say my name

Let’s stop this now, Don’t know how

To tell you dear, I need you near

You love your pace, I love to race

To soothe the urge, That you made surge

Just take me now, Or show me how

To cure this pain, That you made plain

I long for you, I lust for you

Please say a prayer, For my poor soul



Wet Dreams by Ehizogie


the rains poured, the night went cold

needing a winter coat for her breast

a fire place for her flaking feet

a blanket for her borrowed body.

but these were beyond reach


she opened the river

robbed the pointed stars on her standing moons

against my hairy chest

poked the rat hiding under my knickers

till it stood up

dived into the river, with no life jacket on


swam its breadth as i lost my breath

the magical touch of her fingers

heated congealed tubules

as iced blood in my veins melted

the river broke her banks, her fast

as my rat spat a starchy puddle. and



in the dark she lit me a stick of cigarette

poured more gin into my begging glass

pulled the trigger with more strokes

from her fingers

as my stubborn rat again stood still

above dark fences of stranded grasses

for a third term in office

like a power drunk public servant


i dived in again, swam like a swan

till the river went dry

no more streams of starchy puddles

for i stood no chance of re-election


so she rolled the roller coaster off her frame

and like a dead log of wood, it fell by the wayside

on the other side of reality

for this was only a dream!

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