I AM ALSO ALMAJIRI  by Awoniyi Rasheed
I am also almajiri,
one of those you swore to protect though

I take shelter at the outskirts of your care

weary and hungry, I roam the streets for remnants

with no home, shoes nor rags to wear.



While your selected few enjoy the warmth of the night,

I count the stars to endure the harsh whips of cold

while they sit in classes imbibing western education,
I learn from the street – ethics of fetish tradition.



you play inequality like the sun parting the day
Into day and night, pretending to be for all

you make hay upon your greed and in turn reap my rights

you despise me yet you say you live for the almajiris.



while you enjoy the cosy warmth of your mansion,

acting as though you own your own creation

I roam the streets aimlessly singing in sorrow

while hunger joyfully gets married to my furrow.

I am also almajiri, one of those you swore to protect…

awoniyiAwoniyi Rasheed is a graduate of Political Science, Nnamdi Azikiwe university Awka. He is a lover of all genres of literature, especially poetry. He hails from Isara Remo Local Government in Ogun state, Nigeria. His passion for poetry and other genres of literature is quite intriguing.








HARVEST OF HUNGER by Fidelis Obaseki
Today, we shall harvest hunger



Blown in the eyes of our future
Today, we shall harvest hunger

Hunger of corruption

With stretch marks of truth

And garment

Spotted in purity
Today, we shall harvest hunger

Hunger of slavery

In Babylon

Hunger of war  In Syria
Today, we shall harvest hunger

With the sword of kunta kinte

And the race of Usain Bolt
Today, we shall harvest hunger

Hunger of death

Haunting the innocent

Purifiers of tomorrow
The harvest has come

We wait not for tomorrow

We shall harvest it today

Even with our blood, dripping…


obasekiFidelis Obaseki hails from Edo State and writes from Minna, Niger State. He’s a poet, a spoken word artist, an activist, a quote writer and a columnist. Some of his works have been published by PIN (Poets in Nigeria), Dwartsonline, Anthology for Teen Writers, OutPour Magazine and other literary bodies. He also won Penfreaks Literary Quote Contest for the month of July. He is a member of the Hill Top Art Foundation in Minna founded by B.M Dzukogi. Fidelis Obaseki is committed to using poetry and quotations to speak positively to societies worldwide. He is the author of Chronicles, a book of Quotes.

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  1. Awesome, it really entails the redemption of the innocents who are ravaged by hunger, emanating from the poor standard of living of the country.
    Lovely, keep the pen of harvest on.

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