By Arbind Kumar Choudhary


The gold digger and the earth monger

Hang together in one way and other

For the earthly prisoner

In a cavalier manner.


Disaster is a peal of laughter

For a man of high water mark

Even in deep water

Amidst many a fraudster.


Their daily dozen is as right as rain

Like the brain – drain of the chaplain

For the sake of the country cousin

Amidst many an earthly goblin.


The strife of life is a love life

Like the fife of the trophy wife.


ATO 5Arbind Kumar Choudhary, the originator of Arbindonean Racy Style  of versification  and Indianised version of Arbindonean Sonnets in Indian English  poetry,  has  propounded his   philosophy of life, nature, love and poetry in ‘Melody’, ‘Nature’, ‘Love’   and  ‘The  Poet’  for  the   saving  grace  of  Tom, Dick  and  Harry on  this   strife-stricken  earth. Dr. Choudhary  has been included in Cambridge Dictionary  of  English  Writers, London in 2009, World  Poetry Almanac, Mongolia  in 2008, 2009&  2010, Four Contemporary Indian English Poets, 2014, Romania, English  Poetry  in  India,2012, Contemporary Poets  in 2012,World Poetry Yearbook, China, 2014, Five Indian English Poets, Jaipur,  in 2015 and Twelve Contemporary Indian English Poets in 2016 respectively. Dr. A.K. Yadav has already edited two collections of anthology on his poems entitled – ‘Arbindonean Iridescence in Indian English Poetry’ in 2015 and ‘Arbindonean Luminosity in Indian English Poetry’ in 2016 published by Paradise Publishers, Jaipur. Presently, Dr. Arbind  Kumar  Choudhary, an editor of Kohinoor,  has been heading the Dept. of English at Rangachahi  College, Majuli, Assam, India.

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