DISPARITIES | Dr. Ashok T Chakravarthy

Shadows stretch

At the hour of dusk fall

And intermingle

With the mist of gloom.

I fail to ascertain

The discrimination

Betwixt human race

Unveiling its ugly face.


The day as usual

Was another dull one,

With neither a hope

Nor a ray of elation

To long for a new day.

Life, as if emptied

Plunges deep

Into the whirl

Of uncertainty


The broken strings

Of bygone days

Keep on swirling

Compelling me

To drown into

Unfathomable depths

Of eternal silence.

If the outside world

Turns away from me

Can the inside world

Bear the brunt

Of recurring disparities

Mounting between

Caste, creed, race

Religion and region?


AshPPhotoDr. Ashok T Chakravarthy, a poet and review writer, India, has been composing poetry for the past 25 years. As of now, of the 2000 poems composed, nearly 1500 poems appeared in nearly 100 countries across the world in various magazines, journals, anthologies, newspapers, e-zines etc. His six volumes of poetry viz., Charismata of Poesie, The Chariot of Musings, Serene Thoughts, Twinkles, Reflections and Altitudes received wide readership acclaim all over the world.

Ashok’s poetry is aimed at promoting universal peace, environment awareness, protection of children rights etc. He was commended with several prestigious international awards, viz., Universal Peace Ambassador, International Intellectual Peace Award, Asian Who’s Who, Effulgent Star etc. He was conferred with the prestigious Doctor of Letters (Honoris Causa) and nominated as Hon’ Adviser of Borneo International Open University, Malaysia, Peace Ambassador in India for IFLAC-Israel, Vice-President, Global Harmony Association, Russia, and Research Committee Member, U.S.A, Centre of Non-killing, Norway.

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