Following a Call for Submission of poems/entries for the Nigerian Students Poetry Prize 2016, poems totaling 400 were received upon closure on 15th March, 2016. Find more details below:   As a result of non-inclusion of bio-data by some entrants, a total of 320 valid entries were processed for assessment.   Due to unforeseen delays […]

Selected Applicants for PIN-Virginrose Poets’ Residency

Following the one-week call for application for PIN-Virginrose Poets’ Residency (from 21st – 28th January, 2016), 31 applications were received from different applicants residing within Nigeria. The applications were meticulously assessed based on the stipulated guideline.  11 applicants were shortlisted. Considering the limited opening of 2 slots, a “lucky dip” was introduced.  Consequently, two applicants […]

Eriata Oribhabor Food Poetry Contest 2015: The Winners

Having released a shortlist of 10 poems from about 250 entries, we are delighted to announce the top 3 winners for the 3rd edition of Eriata Annual Food Poetry Contest. 1st Prize Winner: Oke-Agbo (For you, Dear Home) – Adedayo Adeyemi Agarau 2nd Prize Winner: Pizza, Two Memories – Archita Mittra 3rd Prize Winner: Iyan […]

3rd Edition of Eriata Oribhabor Annual Food Poetry Contest: The shortlist

Eriata Oribhabor Food Poetry Contest 2015 The shortlist The 3rd edition of the food poetry contest was declared open for submission on 15th November, 2015 with the theme – ‘These Words are Edible’. Upon closure on 15th January, 2016, entries totaling 222 were received from different countries of the world including Nigeria, India, United States, […]

Poetic Insight (Issue 2)

NO COFFIN NO GRAVE (A CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF JARED ANGIRA’S POEM, ‘NO COFFIN NO GRAVE’) BY OGHENERO EZAZA   In this discourse, we shall be having a critical appraisal of the poem ‘No Coffin No Grave’ by Jared Angira. My choice of this poem is timely. The poet has in this work addressed a very […]

Special Contribution (Issue)

Art is the Heart by Famuwagun Festus Some time ago, there was a disagreement in an eminent family. World, the father  had just titled himself  The Body and wanted his wives, Science and Arts and the children, human beings, to choose for themselves anything in the body they deem fit to be their title. Everyone saw […]

Blazing Hot (Issue 2)

WE III by Olajide Vincent Ajise   The contours on our faces are not dimples associated with smiles, neither are they tribal-marks of yore. They are autographs of woes etched by sufferance.   The tattoos on our consciences are not emblems of remembrance, neither are they boulevards that beautify our esteems. They are scars inflicted […]

Spoken Waves (Issue 2)

Emebiriodo Ugochukwu Peterson a.k.a Hitch, who has performed on many stages across the country, was born in Abule Egba, Lagos, Nigeria. He is from Abia state, the fifth of five children. He’s a student, hustler (art is his hustle) and a poet of pidgin and English expression. He is the founder of the Port Harcourt […]

On the Spot with Chinonye (Issue 2)

Can we get to meet you? Who is Chinonye J. Chidolue?   Thank you very much for the privilege to be featured on Pin Quarterly Journal. Chinonye J. Chidolue is a Motivational writer and speaker, a poet, screen writer and a self-development blogger. She is from Anambra state but born and resides in Lagos state. […]

Crispy Satire (Issue 2)

Kepler 452b by John Chidi   The world agreed on this point: Africa lacked the will and technology for space exploration.   When Nigeria announced a manned mission To Kepler 452b in 2026, It was hailed by all as a bold move. Unofficially, snickers and guffaws greeted it.   June 6, 2026, it happened. The […]

Erotic Zone (Issue 2)

HONEY by Chinonye  J. Chidolue   Honey was the brown flames from your eyes That ignited a burning desire inside of me Stripping me off my garment of lies To set the tortuous truth in me free…   Honey was the elasticity of my heart’s confusion, When my belly craved your deep intrusion When all […]

Tongues of Poetry (Issue 2)

Ụgụrụ by Amarachi Attamah   Ụgụrụ! Ị bịakwa ọzọ ka i si abịa? Agwala m gị ọtụtụ mgbe Na ọ naghị adabara mụ na gị ḷhụnanya m abụghị maka gị ḷhụnanya ọ bụdị n’ike?   “   Ụgụrụ! E susuzịla m ọnụ A makụzila m E detụzịla m ire ure gị ahụ Achọghị m, ọ gịnịdị? […]