Food Poetry (Issue 3)

Food Poetry (Issue 3) Oke Agbo (For you, Dear Home) – Adedayo Adeyemi Agarau night will ask us for a song that will drool down the bellies of hungry men and we shall sing of yam pots that sit upon logs and the limping flame that dances around nostrils, we shall sing the lullaby of […]

Across the Oceans (Issue 3)

Across the Oceans (Issue 3) the sun is rising in Nigeria by Jim Lewis   the sun is rising in Nigeria scattering sleep like leaves running for their lives from the growl of a gas powered chainsaw that throws dreams loosely side to side until they fall into the streets to be crushed by every […]

Blazing Hot (Issue 3)

Blazing Hot (Issue 3) Arewa by Kolade Olanrewaju Freedom Arewa, your beauty is a blade cutting deep into the fleshiness of my muse, to draw blood plastering crispy papers with fine layers of words refined in the industry of infatuation.   Arewa, your beauty is the departing sun radiating its elegance through waters basking in […]

Erotic Zone (Issue 3)

Erotic Zone (Issue 3) DRIVE ME CRAZY by Alozor Michael Ikechukwu Ram me with your sledge And take me to the edge Slam me like a loose boulder Let your breath kiss my shoulder Plough me as a virgin land Let me swallow your magic wand! Drive me pleasurably to groans Fill my ears with […]

Puem-Dem Fo Naija Languej (Issue 3)

Puem-Dem Fo Naija Languej (Issue 3) YAWA DON GAS by Albert Seraphin Briz don blou Fawo yansh don opun Ren don fol Ded bodi leg don komot fo grev Wetin yu du fo sikrit Don ton sinima fo opun Wetin yu de haid Don ton vidio we evribodi de luk Yawa don gas Hand don […]

On the Spot (Issue 3)

On the Spot (Issue 3) Adedayo Adeyemi Agarau is a student of Nutrition and Dietetics, Federal Polytechnic, Ede, Osun State. Adedayo is the first son of the Agarau’s family. He hails from Oke-Agbo in Ijebu-Igbo, Ogun State, but currently resides in Ibadan, Oyo State. His hobbies are writing and singing. He published his first anthology “Epistle […]

Special Contributor (Issue 3)

Special Contributor (Issue 3) Deceitful Truth by Makinde Damilola Returning from buying eggs and sardine that Saturday morning, I heard someone calling out to me. It was my friend Wasiu who lived next to my house. I rarely had time to relate with him as I was hardly allowed beyond the railings of our balcony. […]

Spoken Waves (Issue 3)

Spoken Waves (Issue 3) Ifeanyi Bernard “Prestige” is a spoken word artist and a teacher who has participated in many poetry slams. He was the winner of the first BB Slam and the first runner up in Eriata Oribhabor Spoken call Contest. Bernard, who studied chemical engineering in Anambra State University, is the founder of “Express It”, […]

Tongues of Poetry (Issue 3)

Tongues of Poetry (Issue 3) Anụnụebe by Amarachi Attamah   Bịa, ị bụdị anụnụebe? A naghị ekwe onye ọzọ Ibe I bee, i bechie ebe onye ọzọ ga-ebe   Oge ọbụla i na-ede Na-achọ onye gị na ya ga-ese Ka a ga asị na gị na udo na-ese   Oge ọbụla, asịrị ka i na-ege […]

Poetic Insight (Issue 3)

Poetic Insight (Issue 3) ABIKU  (An Appraisal of J.P. Clark’s Poem ‘Abiku’) by Oghenero Ezaza Abiku is a Yoruba (Nigerian) appendage for any child suspected to have been born but dies at infancy, comes again, dies and reborn in a painful circle. In Igbo (Nigeria), it is called Ogbanje. Traditional rites believed to remedy this […]

Crispy Satire (Issue 3)

Crispy Satire (Issue 3) OUR ARMS ARE TROUBLED by Obodokasi Adehtem Agbor Why do we take up cudgels and stones at our legislator? Should we not hang our chins in our palms and pity his troubles? a well-meant man who spoke with the voice of god and made the Jewish promise to reach Hades and bring […]

Words on Creative Marble (Issue 3)

Words on Creative Marble Our Hope by Okeme Jerome   We are the Future’s Eye by Maureen Alikor   Walking Down the Bridge by Akintola Akindele   I am just a Pen by Vivien Braide Vivian Orusoso Agolia known as Vivien Braide was born on March 1992 into a family of 4 in Port Harcourt […]