“I can volunteer in many capacities for PIN if called upon again” – Temilade Dorcas Alonge | PIN Literary Interviews

Temilade Dorcas Alonge, who was appointed a social media assistant of PIN a year ago,  will be completing her tenure this month. Semilore Kilaso engages her in a brief conversation on poetry and volunteering for PIN.

Tẹmilade Dorcas Alonge is a media enthusiast and tech-savvy journalist, writer, poet, content creator, public speaker, comrade, serial volunteer, and an impact maker. She is a graduate of Mass Communication, Diploma Studies from Yaba College of Technology, Yaba Lagos.


1. It’s great pleasure having you on this session of PIN Literary Interviews. Please can we meet you?

Thank you for having me. In a nutshell, let me say this about Temilade Dorcas Alonge. Temilade Dorcas Alonge is a Nigerian writer, performance poet, content creator, and new media enthusiast and I studied Mass Communication at Yaba College of Technology. In all, a shade of many things.

2. Your tenure as Senior Media Assistant at PIN expires this month. How did you become a Media Assistant? What does your job entail?

Let me correct something, I was the social media assistant. I joined three years ago, Jamiu Ahmed first invited me, since then I have gradually taken baby steps. I had an encounter with Sir Chike Ofili and Sir Eriata at the Inauguration of PIN Ojokoro Connect Centre. Sir Chike identified my abilities. It has been a lovable experience. My face of concentration was the Instagram and Twitter handles, building and ensuring that the initiative has an impactful media presence across those platforms.

3. Do you belong to any PIN connect centre? What do you have to say about PIN events and various events organised by PIN?

Yes, I do. PIN Yaba Connect Centre. Mcnaevets is the PIN Rep. PIN events have always been laudable and would always be.

4. What suggestions would you offer towards an enhanced media presence of PIN?

Visibility, Influence and Impact, just as always.

5. If given the opportunity to volunteer for PIN once again, would you mind? In what other capacity would you love to function?

Why not! I would not want to say this or that initiative because I can volunteer in many capabilities and as a Serial Volunteer, I can function in any space.

6. Obviously, your love for poetry and service brought you into PIN. Why poetry?

I started reading at a very young age, however, I wanted a space where I can communicate in a language so unique. For me, poetry is so unique.

7. Can you vividly recall the title of the first poem you ever wrote? Tell us about it and how you landed into poetry writing.

My first poem was in Senior Secondary School 2 and it was a selected poem for a competition for the arts and humanity department. I read that poem at a time again and was laughing.

8. If we give you an opportunity of saying something about Poets in Nigeria, what would you say in three sentences?

PIN is a hub of greatness.
PIN is living or dreams of bringing Nigerian Creativity to the world.
PIN is truly Pinning itself to the world through young creatives.

9. Can you hazard the future of PIN as an organisation dedicated to poetry for service?

Let me say this, PIN has come to stay and its future is a great place; now is not a tip or hint of what is to happen, greatness undefined.

10. Much as I appreciate your attention, rounding off this interview without a dose of poetry reading would be failing on my part. Please leave us with few lines of a poem you had written. (max 10 lines).

Last Notes

I bid you goodbye for my presence prevailed of no concession.
I need no adieu but, if you want to, bring no blooms,
come not with a tear, not a sullen look,
remember the forceful smile, laugh at my mausoleum.
Return to the necropolis with my jokes, make me giggle while I sleep.

Temilade Dorcas Alonge (2018)

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