Erotic Zone: I Will Take You Home | Emilia Ayuk

Slow and steady, wild and free

Your hands on me, mine on yours

Traveling over one another

On the path of naked truth

Meandering forests of sensuality

Across deep seas of fondness

In pristine friendliness, care

and love, so genuine.


Surely, I will be your Oasis,

As we cross the desert

Of locked doors,

And social distancing windows.

I will measure my every step

With the strength of my hips,

Bless with my lips,

Anoint with my tongue

Heal with balm of my palms

And wrap you in comfort of my arms


I will spare you dilly-dallying times

Watch birds fly and chirp in my eyes

Your cock crows in my mouth

Pluck flowers from my garden beneath

And bathe in its gushing stream.

From my busty chest, you will freshly

Milk on the wings of my sprightliness,

I will soar you high above hills

Of dull moments and mountains

Of boredom, shards of shattered

Dreams, landing where the sun is kind

The rain, in her genial frolics,

We are happy without worries


Our ways will be magically paved,

My touch will conjure fruited trees

With you lost to which branch to take,

You will sway to endless bliss

Of sweet tingling sensations

Oozing from my erotic communion,

My heart in total submission

My temple, spread in total surrender

Your bowed head and lifted gallops

Full of excitement and songs of praise

For making you and I, come home

Emilia Ayuk holds a degree in sociology and anthropology from Ebonyi State University. She is a poet who finds everything that nature gives interesting.

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