Nigerian Students Poetry Prize (NSPP) is an initiative of Poets in Nigeria (PIN) designed to stimulate creativity, promote literary excellence and broaden the concept of intellectualism among Nigerian undergraduates in Nigeria and the Diaspora. Unarguably the nation’s foremost poetry platform for students, the maiden edition of the prize was inaugurated in 2016 and received 320 entries from 64 tertiary institutions.

The 2nd edition of the prize opens to submissions between 16th February, 2017 and 15th April, 2017. Winners will be announced exactly a month thereafter.

Aside rewarding top three entrants who also double as prize winners with a total cash prize of ₦200,000, the top 100 entrants will be published in a globally distributed eBook.


1st Prize Winner – ₦100,000

2nd Prize Winner – ₦60,000

3rd Prize Winner – ₦40,000

NSPP now rewards the top three entrants with a cash prize of ₦200,000 as against the initial ₦180,000 shared by Noah Oladele (Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State), Chinelo Nwangwu (University of Ibadan, Oyo State) and Chisom Okafor (University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State) – winners of the maiden edition.


  • Open to Nigerian undergraduates irrespective of location.
  • Entries submitted must be previously unpublished. A submission discovered to have defaulted on this rule will be automatically voided (inclusive of winners).
  • Poems must be original, intellectual property of the entrants.
  • There are no fixed themes.
  • An entrant is entitled to a single entry of limitless word count.
  • Under no condition will the judges’ decision be challenged.
  • Entering for the contest gives PIN automatic right to make use of entries as deemed appropriate.
  • Entries must be written in English. Native terminologies must be translated in English as footnotes.
  • Entrants should subscribe to for regular updates.

Submit here.

For enquiries, contact the moderator – 07034847164.

Submission Deadline: 15th April, 2017


Kolade Olanrewaju Freedom

Moderator, NSPP 2017


  1. I posted my poem titled “THE RIPE FRUIT”. I will like to be notified of follow-up comments through my email address below.

  2. Pls,i hv summitted a poem bt i dnt knw if it has entered,so pls i need a notification to b sure that i hv entered the competition

  3. I was about submitting my poem, but I found out that my institution was not listed amongst the available options. I’m a student of Ogun State Institute Of Technology (formerly known as Gateway Polytechnic, Igbesa) but i could only find Gateway polytechnic, saapade amongst the institutional options. Please how do i go about this? Thanks.

  4. I got to know about this platform in February 2017 and upon seeing that the deadline is 15th April 2017, I quickly submitted mine on 26th February. But now I see that it’s a monthly contest that begins on 15th and ends on 24th of every month. Kindly clarify me on this as I do not know which month my submission falls and whether or not it would be accepted alongside February entries. Thanks in anticipation of your prompt response.

  5. I have been trying to submit my poem but the page refreshes and bring back the already filled spaces as blank each time I click “submit”. Please what can I do about that?

  6. I have submitted my poem,but I don’t know whether it deliver or not…….I’m waiting for the reply Sir

  7. Sir, please, is there any chance for one to edit an entry hurriedly submitted for the contest? Thanks for your anticipated kind response.

  8. Okay I really need help, I made two errors
    1. I didn’t correct my institution, what’s there is the default institution
    2. I didn’t note down the pin I was given to access my profile
    these errors were as a result of the dicey network as at when I made my entry

    please I need your help

  9. pls sir, I tried informing u abt unsuccessful submission. but ave been able to submit thru. pls Sir, i would really love to be notify so as to know if truly my effort wasn’t wasted. please sir

  10. Would just like to know something…

    Does one’s poem have to follow a rhyme scheme?
    Or can it be like a spoken word piece…just in written form?

  11. Please sir, some of my colleagues submitted their poems, and they were given pin. But when I submitted mine, I didnt see any pin. And when I tried sending it again, it displayed that my infos (matric no and email) have been used by an entrant.
    Please, is there any room for remedy to get my pin back. And if done, how can it be used?

    Thanks in anticipation.

  12. Please, I have a complaint.
    A friend of mine submitted his entry, but he didn’t see any pin, due to network issue. But while he was trying to submit again, it was displaying that his info like email and matric no has been used for an entry before.
    The title of the poem is “Who will save the rescue”
    And his name is Akinola Goodness
    Plead, how could he get back his pin. Besides, is the entry successful or what.
    More so, on the pin issue. Where are we gonna click to make use of the pin.
    Thanks in anticipation.

  13. please I tried it times without number but it doesn’t bring a sign that it has been submitted, but when I tried it now, I was told that my Matriculation number and gmail has been used, but Sir, how can I confirm that it is has been submitted?

  14. Please I submitted my entry yesterday before entries closed. I was given a code and I hope that is a sign of approval that I have registered for it. I anticipate your reply, God bless.

  15. Hello sir. I submitted and it was successful and I was also given a pin. However, when I tried to login on the other website. It prompted me that the pin isn’t correct. What do I do sir?

  16. Hello sir. I submitted my poem successfully and i was given a pin. However when I wanted to log in on that website it was prompting me that my pin was incorrect. What can I do?

  17. please sir I’ll like to get any information concerning the result of this competition via my email.

  18. Please, the long list was slated to be out in the 15th of may, but it is not yet out. Please when would it come out?

  19. Just came across this now, well am happy as it’s better late than never. So is any challenge open this year again?

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