by Arathy Asok

Women are all beautiful this season

They have scrubbed their faces with white marble

And kissed deep on blood red wine

Their hair has been taken by the wind floating like water on sky

Their bones, a note of music, flesh lamp in winter.

They are all beautiful

Whom I know not nor who cares to know me

I stand outside the ring, their laughter washing over me

I do not know. I cannot know.

I have lost my innocence when the rose bloomed

I look at them the smile behind hollow eyes

The smell of washed soap and husbands who long after dead fathers

I see them all and know them not

What do they think and how do they think?

Where is life I missed out when they lived this void thinking that they live this truth?

Writing these lines I think of you beautiful women

Who have forgotten to wipe the marble

And the wine before you meets this crowd out here

This crowd who loves you for all the mirth

You ring out and know not that your cries are shut

Behind the vaults that will open only at eternity’s end.


2017-04-08 10.49.47Arathy Asok, born in Kerala, India, completed M.Phil. from the University of Calicut. She currently works as Assistant Professor at Government Victoria College Palakkad and has published her poems in journals and anthologies.


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